Explain bond cleaning to a layman

What is bond cleaning?

Exit cleaning, commonly referred to as a bond clean, is the process of thoroughly cleaning the rental property at the conclusion of your lease. The goal of the bond cleaning is to restore the property to its pre-move-in condition.

Regardless of whether the real estate business determines that the property has been harmed or has to be cleaned, a lawsuit might be brought against the bond. A bond clean, an end-of-lease clean, or a deep clean is almost certainly required before you move out of your current residence. When you move out, you’ll have to go through this process in order to get your deposit back.

Do Regular Cleaning And Bond Cleaning Have Any Difference?

Most individuals clean their houses on a daily basis to remove the dust and debris that accumulates over time. If you’re a renter who wants to get your deposit returned by the landlord, you’ll need to undertake professional end-of-lease cleaning.

When it comes to bond cleaning in Melbourne, most people go with a firm that specializes in this service because the owner of the property has the right to refuse to release the deposit money if he is not satisfied with the quality of the cleaning.

Involvement of Bond Money

It’s frustrating and tedious that the bond money can’t be released until the lease agreement is finalized and the tenants are about to vacate. Residents often have a problem with the landlord or property management because of the rental property’s housekeeping standards.

That’s why most renters hire a cleaning company to do a final check on their rented place before handing it back. In order to help tenants get their bond money back, they use a team of expert cleaners, cutting-edge cleaning methods, and cutting-edge cleaning equipment. When it comes to standard cleaning, the goal is to get the house clean, not to spend any of the bond money.

This type of cleaning doesn’t require the presence of the property owner or management. For the most part, bond cleaning is reserved for tenants and rental homes, while everyday cleaning is for everyone, even homeowners.

Is there anything more I need to know about Bond Cleaning?

The tenant gets the bond back after a thorough cleaning. Bond cleaning checklist

  1. Surfaces

Bond cleaning includes washing and mopping all floors. Walls and cobwebs are typically cleaned. It also includes wall washing.

  • Carpet-cleaning

Carpets harbor dirt, pollen, and pollutants. Bond cleaning includes cleaning carpets using good solutions. Professional carpet cleaning is recommended. Keep the carpet cleaning receipts.

  • Housekeeping

The third is kitchen cleaning. Clean countertops, gas stoves, range hoods, ovens, and exhaust fans. Oil and grease stains must be cleaned from stoves and range hoods. Walls, floors, and fans are also washed.

  • Blinds/Venetians

Wood or cloth blinds collect dust. Dirty blinds damage the indoor air. Bond cleaning involves cleaning Venetians and blinds with a sterile cloth.


From the above, we conclude that end-of-lease cleaning involves carefully cleaning the rented property. Bond cleaning restores the property to pre-move-in condition. Melbourne end-of-lease cleaning requires a pro. Most renters engage a cleaning firm before returning a rental. Everyday cleaning is for everyone, including homeowners. Bond cleaning is for renters and rental residences. Clean counters, stoves, hoods, ovens, and fans.